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R4i 3DS GoldGame rom backup devices and accessories for the Nintendo DS and Dual-Display 3D handheld console (3DS) that is capable of displaying games and video in 3D without glasses.

3DS is backward compatible with DS and DSi games and R4 rom flash cards, but cannot play GAMEBOY and GBA games without a special emulator adapter called SC3DS.
SC3DS or SuperCard DSTWO 3DS is a microSD / microSDHC card adapter cartridge with a built-in CPU and additional RAM that enables it to work as a DivX Player and a powerful Emulator for various older classic video game console systems. In additions to being able to play NDS ROM backups and all the regular 8-bit console emulators that other R4 DS / R4i 3DS flash cards can run SuperCard can play 16bit SNES games and SEGA Genesis titles.



SuperCard DSTWO 3DS R4



r4 3ds Well if you are not satisfied with the Nintendo DS carts as yet then M3i Zero is the thing for you. Every thing about M3i Zero is up gradable and thus it is attracting more and more hard core gamers towards itself every single day.

The M3i zero is a much awaited cartridge as it is a single dominated cartridge for the DSi.

The M3 team are known for making dreams come true and when the challenge of creating a better cartridge for the DSi gamming system was brought up they were sure to live up to the reputation and then did not disappoint us. The M3i Zero is the one cartridge that can rule them all.

It has a much superior interface, a dedicated team and an upgradeable core firm ware.
This feature allows the M3i to over come the upgrades and thus putting it above all the rest.
The casing of the M3i Zero is very similar to that of M3 DS Real. The Design of the box is upgraded as well with a new logo. The M3i Zero comes inside of a plastic case similar to the other cartridges except that it can fit an M3i and a Micro SD card perfectly, along with that there is also a card reader and a small alien like USB cord. The card reader is cute and small. The card fits perfectly into the reader after a little push and after that the card just slides in smoothly and there is not even a scratching sound as is the case with many other card readers.
Summarizing it all, we can say that the M3i Zero card is a revolution in itself and will not fail to live up to the expectations preceding its release.

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